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Some testimonials:

'Please continue in this way! Somewhat hesitatingly we put our first steps on the Internet-path via Bonjour, and we are now real enthusiastic! We have had so many reactions!. We gave this tip to the family who also let their cottage near our place. '

'Beautiful site, compliments, fine principle. Recently we have bought a cottage that we also want to let after its restauration. Of course we will want to advertse for this one with you as well..'

'Well set up and very clearly arranged with a lot of interactive possibilities. You have a new advertiser!'

'Compliments for the beautiful site'

'Will you please change one of our photos? Furthermore I am very satisfied with the effects of your site and its response.'

'It's great like this on the Internet! And it's good that e-mail can be sent directly from our page!'

'We are very satisfied with the effect of Bonjour! We had so many nice tenants this year, you understand that we subscribe again!'

'Here are some changes for this year. I want to replace the first photo and I want to alter the introduction . The reactions have been very good. Even in the "quiet" season I have had many applications via Bonjour . I'm still very glad that I 've joined Bonjour.'

At Bonjour you find only holiday-accomodation of private owners: we are not an agency, but just advertise.