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How much is Bonjour?

Standardsubscription: € 73,00
This applies to a period of a whole year (365 days ).
For this you get a complete page with an extensive description of your house, two pictures and your particulars with clickable e-mail address. Per Bonjour-page one house is shown (unless you have more accomodation at the same place). There are attractive rates if you have more than one house and/or want to advertise in more than one language

Extra language: € 33,00
You can advertise in more than one language. You will have to supply the text yourself. For an extra language we make an extra page. Rates for an extra language are per year, per house and per language.

More than one house - attractive rates

For each extra house we make a separate page. These pages can be linked.

It is possible to connect a photolink with  8 photos maximum to your page.  This costs € 22 per year. You can change the photos free of charge.
The photolink can be started independently from your page's starting date but can only be ended at the same date as the expiration of your subscription.


Now at many houses EXTRA photo's to get an even better impression!