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The Auvergne in the heart of France is an unspoilt area that consists of 4 departments: Allier, Cantal, Haute-Loire and Puy-de-Dôme.
The air is very pure, you can see volcanic mountains and crater lakes, large pine forests and canyons.
From the middle of France stretches a vast, eroded mountainworld: the Massif Central, an old volcanic massif extending over nearly one sixth of the total area of France. The heart of this massif is consists of the Auvergne, a region full of conservative traditions and inhabited by an obstinate people. The many castles and palaces, however, speak of the resilient history of the region.
The only large city is Clermont-Ferrand, a town dominated by the Michelin factory and its history.
In Auvergne, sometimes called the green lung of France, are the sources of well-known rivers such as Dordogne, the Lot and the Allier. Auvergne is also known for its many hot and mineral springs.

-Allier is the northernmost department of Auvergne, and is characterized by the river Allier that winds through the landscape and the more than five hundred castles that this region harbors. This area offers a very varied landscape: from the valleys of the rivers "Allier" and "Cher" and the landscape of the Bocage Bourbonnais to the first hills of the Massif Central. The capital of Moulins, on the banks of the Allier, was the pride of the Dukes of Bourbon. Many artists, architects and painters contributed to the wealth of the city. The town is also on the list of French Towns of Art and History.
The Forêt de Tronçais is the largest oak forest in Europe, with oaks of three hundred years old. A well-known city in Allier is Vichy, where the Vichy spring water comes from.

La Rochettegehele jaar€ 225 - 315
La Grange des Peyrouses1 juni tot 1 oktober€ 495 - 650
L'Entreprisemei t/m augustus€ 475 - 495
Estivareillesmei t/m oktober€ 325 - 450
Moulin de Lavalhele jaar€ 645 - 795

- Cantal, region of the famous Cantal cheese, is a sparsely populated area with beautiful countryside and stunning panoramas. Here the brown Salers cows graze in small groups and here and there you can still see the burons where the cheese was made. In the Cantal is the largest national park in France, the Parc Naturel des Volcans d'Auvergne. The capital Aurillac is located at the crossroads of several areas: the valley of the Lot, the volcanoes of the Auvergne and the banks of the Dordogne.

- The department of Haute-Loire is one of the least populated areas of France where sometimes it seems as if time has stood still. Haute-Loire is a region that is rich in streams and rivers. The Allier winds through the beautiful Haute Gorges d'Allier, the domain of the salmon. Medieval towns like Broude and Langeac have beautiful churches and charming markets. In the village of La Chaise Dieu, a renowned music festival in August.
During a walk on one of many marked trails you can come across everything: wild flowers, numerous birds such as buzzards, red and black kites, but robins and finches and sometimes a deer, fox, rabbit or pheasant. The capital is Le-Puy-en-Velay, here is the source of the river Loire.

La Trémièremedio mei tot medio september€ 385 - 450
La Piquehele jaar€ 475 - 1200
Hier is 'tapril t/m half oktober€ 245 - 295
La Belle Vuehele jaar€ 200 - 250
Le Bon Patrongehele jaar, in overleg€ 350 - 525

-The Puy de Dôme is a well known and popular tourist area with no less than 80 ancient volcanoes. In terms of surface area and height is the largest volcano area in Europe.
At 60 kilometers from the capital Clermont-Ferrand is the Parc Régional des-Volcans. It is a unique and unspoiled nature park, formed from volcanoes that thousands of years ago were extinguished. In the heart of the park is the Massif du Sancy (1886 m). The roads are generally quiet, except to the top of the 1465 meters high Puy-de-Dome and Puy Mary which are very popular among tourists.

Although the Auvergne is not a real wineregion, in the Puy de Dômethey make several Côtes d'Auvergne (Chateaugay, St Pourcain, Boudes). These wines are steadily getting better. The cheeses are famous: Fourme the Ambert, Laguiole, Salers, bleu d'Auvergne, St Nectaire to name a few. There is a real countrykitchen with tasty dishes like truffade (potato dish), the special pounti (cake of mincemeat, cabbage and plums) and Potée auvergnate (rich peasant soup).

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