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The predominantly rural peninsula of Brittany lies to the northwest on the coast of France and consists of the departments of Côtes d'Armor, Finistère, Ile et Vilaine and Morbihan.
The region has beautiful islands, reefs and impressive cliffs. On the banks of the great rivers that flow into the sea, cities such as St-Brieuc, Lézardrieux, Tréguier, Lannion and Morlaix have been built. On the Côte de Granit Rose, the climate seems almost subtropical due to the warm Gulf Stream, and its relatively northern location makes it a popular holiday destination for many Dutch people.

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Brittany is the westernmost region of France. On the coast are both lively resorts and old fishing ports. Inland you will find beautiful medieval cities and spectacular scenery as well. Off the coast of Brittany are over 300 islands. There are impressive remains from prehistoric times to ne found and atmospheric medieval places, churches and castles. The capital of Brittany, Rennes is located in the department of Ille-et-Vilaine. It is a beautiful town with typical half-timbered houses and narrow streets.

- Côtes-d'Armor has a rugged coastline with many coves and small villages. The large tidal differences, up to 12 meters , causes large stretches of beach to be submerged at high tide, while at low tide the rocks emerge. You can walk the old customs paths that take you along cypress forests and bird sanctuaries such as Île Grande and Les Sept Iles. Paimpol, located in the northwest, is a pleasant town. You can go by boat to the beautiful car-free island Île de Bréhat. Known for its pink color is the granite coast of Ploumanach, where you may feel as if you were on a different planet. The impressive coast consists of large boulders that seem to have been stacked high by the sea. The capital of Côtes-d'Armor is Saint-Brieux.
-Finistère literally means end (finis) of the country (tère). The department lies in the extreme west of France, surrounded on three sides by the sea. It is a rugged area, with impressive coastal rock formations.
The Parc Naturel Régional d'Armorique is very diverse and consists of moorland and forests, besides the coastal area. Concarneau is a charming fishing town. The capital of this department is Quimper, famous for its pottery and its beautiful cathedral.
The picturesque town of Pont-Aven is recommended with its numerous art galleries.

- Ille-et-Vilaine has a rolling landscape, with beautiful bays in the north. As in the department of Côtes-d'Armor here there is also a huge tidal range. The best known bay is the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, on the border of Normandy.

The area around the tourist attraction Mont-Saint-Michel is one of the world heritage of UNESCO.
Rennes is the capital of Brittany and of Ille-et-Vilaine. Another famous city in this department is the walled port city of Saint-Malo.
- Morbihan, primarily an agricultural region, is known by the Gulf of Morbihan. The hundreds of small islands are a paradise for birds, and also for bird lovers. In this region you will find the famous menhirs. Especially the stone circles and rows in the tourist coastal town Carnac are special. The menhirs may have been used as a calendar so that the inhabitants could determine when to sow and when to harvest. From Quiberon a trip to Belle-Ile-en-Mer is very worthwhile. Belle-Ile is the largest island in the Atlantic Ocean Breton. The island has a rugged coastline with high rocks on the side of the ocean.

Brittany is inextricably linked to the 'crêperies', the pancake houses that only exist in this form since the early 1900s. In these creperies one eats the so called called galettes de blé noir (buckwheat cakes) and of course 'crepes'. The 'kouign amanis' is one of the most famous gastronomic specialties from Brittany, this bread-like cake is dripping with butter. The harbor towns are a real paradise for those who like lobster, crawfish, oysters, mussels and fish.
Brittany is a region full of traditions and folklore and the regional specialties are cherished here! Enjoy a "bolee de cidre "(a bowl of cider) or chouchen (local drink). Or be surprised by a plateaux de fruits de mer, kig ha fard (stew), far breton or kouign-amann (sweet, sweet pastry) ...

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