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The Centre region in the center of France is characterized by the Loire River, with its length of 1020 km the longest river in France. The Loire flows through four of the six departments: Loiret, Loir-et-Cher, Indre-et-Loire and Cher. The other two departments of the Centre region are Eure-et-Loir and Indre.
Big and famous cities are Orléans, Tours and Chartres. The region is known for its beautiful castles, such as Amboise, Chambord and Chenonceau, its museums and monumental buildings such as the cathedrals of Bourges and Chartres and also the famous vineyards of Chinon and Sancerre.
The landscape is very diverse: there are deep carved valleys and high green hills.
This region, where some say that the purest French is spoken, is sometimes called the soul of France. The capital Orleans, located on the Loire has about 115,000 inhabitants and is one of the most important cities of this region.

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Sans Soucishele jaar€ 295
La Malleraye (Les Rossignols)April - October€ 390 - 495
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- Cher with its capital Bourges borders on Massif Central. A region rich in vineyards, beautiful castles, and several splendid gardens, including the flowerpark landscaped in the in English style landscaped of Apremont-sur-Allier and the rosary of Ainay le Vieil. The roads are very quiet and not too hilly which makes Cher an excellent cycling area.
-Eure-et-Loire with its capital Chartres is located southwest of Paris, between Normandy and the Loire Valley. The Chartres Cathedral is one of the most beautiful Gothic cathedrals of France. Besides cornfields Eure-et-Loire has a very varied countryside: the Eurevalley, the Beauce, the Perche and Chartres, situated on the river Eure.
- The department of Indre with the capital Chateauroux is an almost untouched area with rolling landscapes and pastures. The many lakes in Brenne Natural Park are very popular. La Brenne has a total of 160,000 hectares with rare flora and fauna and is rich in wildlife and birds of prey. In the northern part of Indre are the vineyards in the valley of the Cher.

Paviljoen aan de Loirgehele jaar€ 450 - 575

- Tours is the capital of Indre-et-Loire. Around Tours is the Touraine, the heart of the Loire valley which is characterized by the river valleys of the Loire, Vienne, Creuse and Indre. The Loire valley is famous for its beautiful landscape with vineyards and gardens, its pleasant climate and its soft, warm light. The region is rich in culture and history. Poets and writers have often described its beauty and princes built the most magnificent castles.

Undoubtedly the most famous castle is Chenonceau in the village of Chenonceaux. It was built in the water of the river Cher. The castle has beautiful gardens which can be visited throughout the year. Indre-et-Loire is also an area of arable farming (vegetables, asparagus), and, on the higher plateaus, viticulture and livestock.
- Loir-et-Cher with the capital Blois, is a region of rivers and castles. The castle of Chambord is the largest castle on the Loire. One of the most striking parts of the castle, which was built in the 16th century, is the double spiral staircase, designed by none other than Leonardo da Vinci.

-Loiret ,with the capital Orleans, is named after the riverLoiret. It is a region with a beautiful environment very suitable for walks. In the vicinity are the vineyards of Sancerre and Pouilly sur Loire. The town of Briare is known as the mosaic city of France.

A touch of creativity, a pinch of tradition and a good dose of knowledge: mix all that and you have the recipe of gastronomy in the Centre region. Here you will find delicious local produce such as cheeses and wines. The famous Sancerre wines of course and cheeses such as Petit Berrichon, Couronne Lochoise and many others.
Well-known are the Rillettes de Tours, small strips of pork in lard.

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