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The Champagne-Ardenne region consists of 4 departments: Ardennes, Marne, Aube and Haute Marne.
The river Meuse meanders through it. To the south is the Champagne, France's northernmost wine region, famous for its sparkling wines that are the only ones in the world that are allowed to bear the name "Champagne". In the north of the region are the French Ardennes, a green area where you can enjoy a peaceful holiday and that is easy to reach from the Netherlands. The Marne department has many lakes, including Lac du Der Chantecoq, the largest artificial lake in Europe. Because of the many possibilities (sailing, surfing, fishing, boating, etc.) is very popular with boaters and birdwatchers.

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The lover of historic cities will find also much to enjoy. Reims, the city where the French kings were crowned, Langres, citadel surrounded by ramparts, Troyes, the capital Chalons-en-Champagne with the beautiful church of Notre Dame-en-Vaux, are worthwhile. On the banks of the Meuse are the communities Monthermé Revin, Fumay and Mouzon, with many museums, castles and religious artworks. Towns with an authentic character include Bourmont, Chateauvillain and Vignory.

Besides the world famous Champagne, the region is famous for different kinds of cheeses such as Brillat-Savarin, Epoisses and Chaource to name a few. In the Aube one eats andouillettes à l'oignon for example. In the Marne one finds the pieds de porc de Sainte Menehould (baked for40 hours). Famous are also the biscuit rose de Reims.

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