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South of the French mainland, 6 hours by boat from Marseille is a mountainous and sparsely populated island: Corsica, also called Île de Beauté. Although it has belonged to France from 1876, there is still an undeniable sense of independence.

The popular resort of Porto-Vecchio is located on the fairly smooth east coast with its intense white sandy beaches. On the west side of the island are cliffs with beautiful bays.
The island is divided into two departments: Haute Corse and Corse du Sud with the capital Ajaccio. The shadow of Napoleon still hangs over his native city, Ajaccio La Merveilleuse ... Bastia is sometimes called the city of art and history called, the "Italian history" of the city, the historic churches and Baroque religious monuments are attractive for visitors.
It is an island of colors: the sea with its blue coral reefs, the dark green pinetrees, the ocher Genoese towers, the red 'Calanques'.
The characteristic vegetation is the maquis with its rough, herbaceous undergrowth. The northeast of the island is a national park. The island is home to many rare plant species.
At the southernmost point of the island is the town of Bonifacio with a beautiful marina and impressive cliffs that rise from the sea.

--The capital of Haute-Corse is Bastia in the Cap Corse, an prominent point in the northern part of the island. Cap Corse is characterized by beautiful nature, beautiful cliffs and small villages. Corsica is a great hiking area.
-The department Corse du Sud belongs largely to the beautiful nature reserve Parc Naturel Régional de Corse. Another beautiful city is Bonifacio. A nice trip: the island of Sardinia, is only 12 kilometers from Corsica. From Bonifacio ferries sail regularly to Santa Teresa.

With its rich heritage Corsica also has a rich gastronomy. Prisuttu (ham), figatellu (liver sausage), Lonzu (dried fillet), Coppa (dried loin meat) and Salame (sausage) are typical Corsican charcuterie. On the coast you can enjoy fish and shellfish in one of the many restaurants. The island has a number of AOC wines.

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