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Franche-Comté is located in the extreme east of France and consists of the departments of Doubs, Jura, Haute-Saone and Territoire de Belfort.
The history of the Franche-Comte goes back to prehistoric times, there are numerous archaeological sites, particularly in the Jura. The region was alternately Roman, Gallic, Spanish and finally French, all these influences ensure that a special cultural heritage has arisen.
The region has a rich nature. Almost half of Franche-Comté is woodland. There is a lot of unspoilt nature such as the nature parks of the Haut Jura and the Vosges mountains. Franche-Comté is an area where many hikers and mountain bikers love to return to: the famous Grande Traversée du Jura is unique in France and contains a hiking route of 400 kilometers and a mountain bike route of 350 kilometers.
The inhabitants set high standards for the quality of life. The mountains of the Jura massif are a tourist attraction for both winter and summer holidays.

-In the department of Doubs the numerous lakes, waterfalls and rivers (the Doubs, Loue and Lison) determine the landscape. But not only the water prevails in Doubs: it is called the greenest region of France. There are also numerous caves, such as for instance the Grotte d'Osselle. The capital of Doubs is versatile Besançon, birthplace of Victor Hugo.

-The capital of the Jura is Lons-le-Saunier. The department has well-known wine regions such as Vignoble-and-Revermont. The Jura wine route is nearly 80 km long and runs from Salins-les-Bains to Saint-Amour, through Arbois, Poligny, Chateau-Chalon, Voiteur, l'Étoile, Lons-le-Saunier and Beaufort.
In the caves of Baume les Messieurs at the end of the valley rises the river Dard that ends as a beautiful waterfall. In winter there is some excellent skiing and cross country skiing in the Jura.

- The department of Haute-Saône with its capital Vesoul is situated between the Autoroute du Soleil and the Swiss mountains. It is a friendly and quiet area with a hilly landscape. At the foot of the Vosges mountains, the valley of the Saône and the valley of the Ognon is much cycling and walking. One of the most beautiful parts of the department is the plateau with the recreational area The 1000 lakes, known because of their number and the beautiful shades of color that determine this landscape. In the Haute-Saone is also the world famous Chapel of Ronchamp, designed by architect Le Corbusier.

- Territoire de Belfort is the smallest department of France. Capital Belfort is sandwiched between two mountain walls, with an impressive citadel in the middle. From the citadel you have a magnificent view of the city and its surroundings: nearby Germany, to the north massif of the Vosges and in the south the Jura Mountains.

De Franche-Comté is befaamd om zijn kazen, zoals de Morbier, de Comté en de Cancoillote.
De saucisse de Morteau en de Montbéliard worden overal in Frankrijk gegeten. Andere specialiteiten zijn de Poulet à la Vésullienne en de Belflore, een taart met frambozen en amandelen.
In de stadjes en dorpen van de Jura waar de grote Jurawijnen tot stand komen, proeft u niet alleen de vin de jaune en de vin de paille, waaraan de streek haar reputatie te danken heeft, maar ook minder bekende wijnen. De route voert langs talrijke kastelen, abdijen en kerken. In het plaatsje Arbois kan het wijnmuseum en het huis van Louis Pasteur bezichtigd worden.

Franche-Comté is famous for its cheeses, such as Morbier, Comté and Cancoillote.
The saucisse de Morteau and Montbéliard are eaten anywhere in France. Other specialties include Poulet à la Vesullienne and the Belflore, a cake with raspberries and almonds.
In the towns and villages of the Jura where the great Jura wines are created, you do not taste only the vin jaune and vin de paille, to which the region owes its reputation, but also lesser-known wines. The route takes you past many castles, abbeys and churches. In the town of Arbois, the wine museum and the home of Louis Pasteur can be visited.
In Franche Comté there is good eating and drinking. Try the Cheese Fondue made with Comté- cheese from the region with a bottle of Arbois wine.

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